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A new piece"So It Goes" custom created for Society6

Get it as a tote!

Or even a mug.

Now on instagram and have been posting sketches that will probably on be seen there.

Babies now have a reason to hit Society6

Tees for kids as well at Society6

Thanks to Jaimie for hooking up some images to be shown on Ride's Weekend Buzz.

Finally did it a while back and got an iPhone. The cheap one. So also got a case for it from Society6.

I helped the band, Hermetic, with art for Limited Edition tape cassette. Check them out here

Some new desktops here.

Sign of past time.

The On Deck deck was done and sold.

New drawings at This Day.

Sometime Ritual has a few more desktops.

More color and B&W film photos in Before Now.

-Aug 25, 2013

Before Now has some added pics.

This Day gots new ones.

Also more in Sometime Ritual.

-May 20, 2013

This Day is for drawings.

Sometime Ritual has a few more desktops.

More film pics up in Before Now.

-Mar 24, 2013

art and graphics of Randy Laybourne

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